Making paper by hand with the papermaker

Would you like to try producing handmade paper? Or perhaps just observe the papermaker’s skills? Take a walk through the history of paper manufacturing in an authentic papermaking workshop and try this fun and creative activity.


The tradition of producing paper in Radece has an almost 300-year history. Rich knowledge and experiences transfer from generation to generation and to this day significantly mold the lives of locals.

Some of Radece’s papermakers still possess the knowledge of the old manual paper manufacturing techniques and they gladly share it. In an authentic papermaking workshop, you will get to know the typical technology and processes used in the Late Middle Ages. Make your own sheet of paper with the papermaker and end the fun, creative work with printing on a machine, the kind that Valvasor used in his times. Create permanent memories of your time with the papermaker (by printing Valvasor’s image of Radece).




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