Radece merely appears to be small. The beauty of the town and its surrounding villages speaks for itself and there is absolutely no need for comparison with other towns. Take the time and get to know everything Radece has to offer. An abundance of exciting experiences and picture-perfect nature awaits you!

Unique geographical position under the slopes of Kum, the Sava Hills’ highest peak, the picturesque Sopota valley and embankments of the Sava river give our town a unique character. Lives of local inhabitants and the town’s economic development have always been closely connected with the surrounding natural environment. Richness of timber and water resources enabled a thriving development of numerous economic activities. Timber raft trade was the most common one, charcoal, paper, glass producers, millers and blacksmiths prospered as well. Some of these activities still exist today and importantly influence Radece’s economy and tourism.  

Radece is famous for its rich ethnographic heritage and a treasury of architectural, artistic and historical values. A castle embodying the spirit of Ostrovrharji knights rises on a breathtaking dolomite rock above Svibno village. The Kljucevsek ethnological collection in Pocakovo village offers a valuable insight into the lives of our ancestors. The tools they used in everyday life, mainly farming tools they developed over the centuries, are on display. Announcing your arrival in Radece is a majestic iron bridge, a silent remnant of times when there were no asphalt roads in the valley. The town’s raftsmen will gladly take you on the Sava river cruise, underneath the bridge, and explain the history of this impressive architectural monument. All these experiences offer a glimpse of how our ancestors used ancient wisdoms and followed laws of nature to survive.

Numerous hills and valleys hide crystal clear streams, a multitude of waterfalls, remains of traditional saw- and watermills. Only a pleasant walk separates you from these natural treasures. You can also find many endemic plant and tree species here. Enjoy walks through blooming meadows of arnica, Carniolian yellow violet and the Adriatic lizard orchid or simply let your eyes dwell on a unique pyramidal spruce tree or the thickest chestnut tree in Slovenia. Worth researching are the lush Jatna forests. Remains of homesteads from times when this area hasn’t been forested yet are hidden underneath the dense treetops. Cycle or take a stroll down Savus educational trail and loose yourselves in the green embrace of park Dvor exotic trees.

Radece – a unique hidden gem, a place of friendly people, closely connected to nature and their traditions.

Warmly welcome to our piece of heaven!

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